Catoosa County

Just a few miles south of Chattanooga sits Catoosa County, a beautiful piece of land with special people that Kristain and I are proud to call home. 

Catoosa county is full of a rich history, from the native Americans who occupied this land for so many years, to the brothers who fought and shed so much blood against one another at the Battle of Chickamauga, to the brave women and men who are honored each year with hundreds of beautiful American flags for their sacrifices defending our nation, to a proud people who recently overcame a devastating storm, to rise from the rumble stronger than ever before.

Present day Catoosa County also has much to be proud of. We are blessed to have four exits off of the busiest interstate in the nation, both industry and retail has flourished in recent years in the county.  Catoosa County now has the fifth lowest tax rate in the State of Georgia and our school system is considered by many to be the finest in the entire Chattanooga / North Georgia area.  Beautiful walking trails run throughout our cities and county and our recreational facilities are second to none.  Our county is very well managed and we are in a financial situation that many counties would dream to have.

Our future is what excites me most.  Yes, we have challenges ahead of us as we will soon be coming out of the coronavirus situation, but I know the will, the spirit of the people of this county that I call home.  Once again, we will rise, we will overcome, and yes, we will be stronger than ever before.